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Home » An Ethnography of Grindr, part 1: The task which you never asked for – The Stanford day-to-day

An Ethnography of Grindr, part 1: The task which you never asked for – The Stanford day-to-day

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An Ethnography of Grindr, part 1: The task which you never asked for – The Stanford day-to-day

Nevertheless, an individual will most likely name their profile with one thing.

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Often they express a single emoji to their identity, either quirky (comfort indication) or suggestive (peach). Often, they label their purpose if you are in the application — as well as the mixture of purposes is striking. As an example, the profile of “Hung4now” might appear beside the profile of “cuddles?” that might appear close to “Thesis advisors?” Reading these almost provided me with whiplash!

Additionally, let’s take the time. This guy felt the necessity to simplify that his penis hangs, but I’m perhaps not sure there are numerous other designs, unless it “floats” or “wanders.” If your penis hangs, does it ever “vibe” or “chill,” too? Having said that, i love the ephemerality of “Hung4now,” as it acknowledges that hanging later on isn’t any guarantee.

Next, cuddles are really a reasonable ask. But then i hate to break it to you: Your department has failed you if you are looking for a thesis advisor on Grindr. Just exactly How many options did you exhaust before things reached this time? Or, if you’re in search of a thesis advisor role-play situation, then I’m perhaps not right here to kink-shame, but i really do think this kink might use some workshopping. You might find that the fantasy is broken — the whole process is rather unsexy if you set up a Zoom meeting with your department’s Student Services Officer to ask about thesis advising.

In conclusion, expect you’ll see torsos from any which angle on Grindr, but don’t be prepared to discover names. If having a conversation is “third base,” then perhaps learning someone’s genuine name is 2nd base? Really, we just take that back: The “bases” analogy might perhaps not work with gay individuals, because we don’t know any single thing about recreations.

An email on methodology

To be clear, Grindr users have actually a variety of identities, including numerous that are maybe not mostly gay and male-identifying or bi. And even though it is enjoyable to toss all over concept of homointercourseual sex, the software even offers many respected purposes apart from hook-ups. Being mindful of this, we won’t ground my findings in anyone’s positionality but my very own: a cis, homosexual guy whom recently became un-scared of intercourse now needs to handle other guys. (Though being fully a “man,” giggle, won’t stop me personally from having soft fingers and doing Kegels.) Likewise, don’t expect to get identifying information regarding anybody but myself.

But more deeply, this task is mainly a justification to share myself. Then why call it an “ethnography of Grindr”? I consider Grindr an user interface involving the external and internal, a touchpoint between myself additionally the male community that is queer. Within one way, making use of Grindr permits me personally to connect my experience to a more substantial pattern. Within the other, it permits me personally to make an effort to see myself when you look at the Grindr fishbowl from the exterior — thus, saving my sanity.

Further, i recommend that ethnography done well need in component be auto-ethnographic. By observing and questioning, we earnestly create our items of study. There is no mind-independent “queer male community” available to you, waiting to be accessed from my restricted viewpoint, but alternatively something which we are likely involved in creating through my actions around it. Hence, it could be irresponsible to erase myself through the procedure, talking as though from “everywhere and nowhere” when you look at the true title of objectivity. Rather, transparency could be the true title regarding the gayme. My positionality shall contour any findings we present — in place of attempting to hide it, i might too openly explore just exactly what it could reveal.

I will consider a few more grounds for calling this an ethnography of Grindr. For starters, even while ab muscles presence of Grindr is subversive in a heteronormative society, deploying it for personal purposes functions as my small opposition towards the poisoning so it perpetuates. Additionally, the pun opportunity of composing about Grindr for The Grind ended up being too good to avoid — we check both “on the daily.” If I hypothetically worked hard with this article while manually crushing pepper onto my dinner, would that produce me an individual “on Grindr, grinding while grinding for The Grind”?

But mostly, I’ve spent the past months that are several while my brain slowly converted into scrambled eggs, therefore it will be nice to learn that something coherent came out of it. Grindr ended up being the culmination together with beginning of more representation, often at the cost of my other obligations. Whatever the case, buckle your seatbelts, buddies, because we’re going to thrust forward, at full-throttle, into some extremely homosexual ideas relating to this extremely homosexual life!

This informative article is component of a set on intercourse, love and relationships when you look at the age that is digital throughout the pandemic.

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